Friday, September 05, 2008

Ultrasound...It's a....

Look at those cute little feet.
Here's a profile, I think this baby might look a bit like Campbell and Hanna.
Baby #6
Here's a face.
Baby #6

After trying unsuccessfully for 6 hours to upload a video in which the kids unwrap baby items that reveal the baby's gender to them, I'll let the girls... you how delighted they were... discover...

...that little baby....

boys are fun to play with too!
Delighted about the news of a baby brother!
At first Kira shed a few tears of disappointment, but once she saw the baby items on the doll, she couldn't resist the cuteness. Hanna is just delighted with all babies. She has spent many hours dressing and undressing this doll in the new boy things and snuggling with it.
Just delighted with any baby.

And while I don't think they really care one way or another, the boys are very happy with the news. And now the tough part is agreeing on a boy name!


Kristin said...

Aw, congratulations! Your daughter looks very happy (cute way to tell them.)

Cakes said...

Congratulations! How exciting!
Boy names are the hardest. I wonder why that is?

Jenni said...

What a great way to share the news with them! And how perfect to soften the "blow" of more brotherhood with a dolly...

Boy names ARE THE HARDEST!!! There are fewer of them, for one thing.

I vote for Jedidiah. ;o) You can call him Diddy.