Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Very scary!

We had about a dozen decent sized pumpkins that we had kept for fall and halloween decoration, but we were all sick and tired, so in the end, only the 3 youngest carved a pumpkin each and the older 2 boys fell asleep instead. We even had a giant pumpkin that I had planned to carve "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" into. So we didn't bother, and I guess it doesn't matter anyway, nobody can see our house from the road and last year we didn't get ANY trick-or-treaters.

The 4 younger kids went out trick or treating in town this year. Patrick, being too old to be seen with his family, and too shy to go out with the group of boys and girls from school, stayed home and gave out candy. We had a whopping ONE clown at our door.

Hanna was the cutest butterfly ever. I need to get her to wear her costume again with the hood on, she got a lot of attention and was absolutely adorable. Kira was an "EVIL" witch complete with black nails, lipstick and a big ugly black wart on her face. I wish that Matt had taken a better photo of her make up job. Campbell wore the good old twice-handed-down zombie costume and got a lot of feedback on how good his costume was. Damon was Zorro, the masked avenger. All we got was a quick photo as they came out of the house to get into the van.

I wore my halloween shirt (it has a witch design on the front), black stretchy maternity pants and my black fur coat. Matt said that my orange belly sticking out the front of the black outfit looked freakishly huge. So we had to document it.


Next year I want to have a Halloween party for Damon and Patrick's friends. Seriously, we have a graveyard. Manhunt in the halloween decorated graveyard! How cool would that be!


Kristin said...

Aw, you look GREAT, Adri! And so did the kids. I love the dress-up part as much as they do.

Jenni said...

I don't think you look scary, you look fabulous!! That zombie costume, however...**shudder**

The butterfly makes up for it, though! Sweet!

Natalia said...

Yup, you've definitely grown since the last shot! LOL

You look wonderful!