Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Cat is out of the Bag, er the Barn.

Introducing the newest resident of our homestead....WICKET.

Wicket is a 1 year old neutered male long-haired black cat. He is very affectionate, but I've been told he's a stealth hunter too. He is our city-turned-country version of a barncat. He lived with a young family in the city, but he loves being outside. His second owner decided that her home was too close to a busy road and he refused to stay in her house.

We picked him up a week and a half ago. Today was his first day outside and he has been wonderful all day. Every time one of us goes outside, he comes running over to rub against our legs. He even rubs against the dogs legs. And a few of the young pullets have hopped out of their yard and are running loose and he hasn't shown any signs of hunting them. He is still afraid of the goats, but he is getting used to the turkeys.

He's still settling in, but so far things are going great.

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