Saturday, November 13, 2010

Scenes from the barnyard

Dear old Penny, such a sweet quiet goat, so easy to take care of. See how fat and round her daughter have gotten. Thanks to Bernie's generous offerings of Swiss Chard and brussel sprouts, she has gained some weight too, but she is so saggy that the fat never covers her bones, and she just collects her fat around her belly and around her ribs. Gravity is not kind to goats either.

Of course what you won't see is what I missed when my camera battery died. The goat and the cat sniffed, then the cat rubbed his head against the goat's head. Typical of a cat. So then the goat did what is typical goat behaviour when something touches their head, headbutt it. Pop. Luckily Wicket is a pretty quick guy and mostly missed it.

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