Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kitchen design by Pinterest

I didn't exactly get Pinterest at first.  But then it grew on me, now I can't get enough of it.  I don't think it is addictive for most people, but I think that it is addictive for people who are visual thinkers.  Especially if we are looking for inspiration.

Aside from being a huge time-waster, good things come from Pinterest addictions.  For example, I have become inspired to decorate our kitchen.  Images of chalkboard paint, concrete countertops, and organization ideas literally fill my dreams.  We started to fix up our small and tired kitchen when we first moved in 4 years ago, but then we realized just how inefficient and small it was and decided to focus on other areas of the house. Then 2 years ago, as a result of the great flood, we had to replace the vinyl flooring, and chose a natural stone tile, installed it, started to look at changing the hardware, didn't find a handle we liked and then did nothing more to the kitchen.  We gave up on it in hopes that someday soon we will be able to afford "the addition" of a great room that will entail turning our current lower level family room into a kitchen.  There wasn't really much of a point in spending money on a kitchen that could possibly be torn out in a year or two.  Well realistically, "the addition" is not happening this year, or likely next, and in the meantime, redecorating and reorganizing in our kitchen could greatly enhance it's function.  So here is what we are starting with:
Fridge, pantry, dog and entryway to front hall.

Cabinet doors that do not close properly.

Poor kitchen design, dishwashers should not be next to ovens!  And ovens should not be next to dining rooms.  

I  would like to have the tops of the cabinets clear, or at least have streamlined decorative items only, but  I need every bit of shelf space I can get.
We lost a kitchen table for this old school trophy case, but it adds cabinetry, and I just love it.

Something else I love, Grandbert's artwork.

So here's my to-do list: 
  • Finish stripping wallpaper - cost 0 dollars
  • Remove ugly backsplash tiles - cost 0 dollars
  • Plaster and sand the walls - cost 0 dollars (because I already have the supplies)
  • Paint walls and trim - cost $19.97 plus tax 
  • Paint backsplash with chalkboard paint - cost $21.49 (add another $23.67 if I decide to go with magnetic primer, all other supplies we already have.)
  • Install pot lights in ceiling - cost 0 dollars (since we already bought the lights.)
  • Sweet talk my husband into making me a polished concrete countertop - cost of materials unknown to me but keep in mind that this is one of the things he does in his job so he will only need materials, not rental of tools required.
  • Change cabinet hardware (hinges and handles) - cost I don't know, but I am shopping for deals or do it yourself ideas!
  • Declutter and reorganize - cost 0 dollars
  • Consider installing a spice shelf - cost 0-$16.99 
  • Considering sanding and staining the cabinets to match the other furniture.
I'll be sure to post the after photos, here and of course on Pinterest.


Carolina said...

Have you ever visited If you're looking for inspiration...

Motherhen said...

Carolina, thanks for the link. I'll be digging through there for ideas I can use! Beautiful spaces!