Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Damon's basketball tournament.  Horrible lighting=horrible pictures.  I need to learn to compensate.


Carolina said...

Perhaps you needed a faster shutter speed too? It's so difficult to remember EVERYTHING.
If I go to an event (often horse riding events) I think about the setting beforehand, make some test shots, adjust what I think needs adjusting and then hope for the best ;-) When you want to photograph moving subjects you can best choose the setting that allows you to choose a shutter speed and the camera will then choose the best aperture.
I know... *sigh*

Motherhen said...

Thanks Carolina, you are right. I was in a rush, arrived right at game time and just relied on the "sports" setting as I had done two days earlier at another tournament with slightly better lighting (and only slightly better photos). I really wish I could play around with it now, but that's the end of basketball season for us until next year. Now I have soccer, footbal and hockey to figure out the best setting for. No gymnasium lighting to work with though.