Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Making a fast buck

Sampson, returned to us in January, he was a little bit late, I had hoped to have him here in late November or early December.  This is a bit late for breeding, this is last minute.

This time he is all grown up and smells disgusting.  In case you didn't know, bucks or unneutered male goats smell like, well they smell like NOTHING else.  BLECH.  GAG.  Anyway, with a scarf pulled up around my nose and mouth, Sampson is a very nice boy.  He fits right in with the girls, they really do enjoy his company.  And now I am seeing forensic evidence in the goat barn that make me hopeful.  But I am not seeing much of the gross, and frankly weird, buck foreplay.  You know, like tongue flapping, pawing or blubbering.  Let's not forget everybody's favourite, spraying pee on their own faces.  *shudder*

After my disappointment last year, shall I dare to be this hopeful?

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Carolina said...

Oooo, how exciting. I hope Sampson does a good job. I'd love to see this foreplay event. It sounds hilarious.
They must be quite agile, being able to spray pee on their own faces (?).

This morning I was walking the dogs and Biggles lifted his leg to pee against a tree under which Phoebe was just sniffing a very interesting smell. Phoebe got the load. On her head.
Such fun.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, Sampson and the girls ;-)