Friday, May 11, 2012

Trillium hunt

Damon has been wanting me to go up to the woods to see the trillium flowers in bloom.  So while dinner was in the oven, Damon, Kira, Hanna, Griffin and I went for a hike.
Looking back at the barnyard.

Hanna arms herself (protection from coyotes).
Coyotes, ummm.  
Griffin is ready!  Bring on the coyotes.

Beautiful boy.

Geese in the neighbour's field.  

Kira has decided that we need to include ferns in our gardens at the house.  I agree.
Trillium, and um, a neighbour that I didn't notice until we got home and I looked at these photos.  Of course Hanna's legs were itchy by then.  Luckily it was mosquito bites though.
Then the girls trudged right through the poison ivy to inspect this pink one.
This huge tree has a hollow right through it.  Very cool.

Heading back home. The neighbour is selling this property.  I am not crazy about the junkyard myself, but even more importantly,  potential buyers aren`t liking it either.  Hoping it will stay on the market until I win the lottery.
The frog pond.

Missed the frog.

Somebody was very unhappy that we were so close to her nest.  As we were walking through the cornfield, she was circling over Griffin trying to measure him up!  Probably the same hawk that killed Miss Patricia.

Blurry deer tracks (that`s the problem with only having the zoom lens on)
A few feet over, a trail of coyote tracks.


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