Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Goat snuggles

I haven't had a lot of time for sitting down in the goat yard lately.  I've left that "job" to the kids, until today.  I sat down on a rock and Clarabelle ran right up to me as if it was an invitation for her to snuggle.
Can we snuggle?

While I was snuggling with her, the older goats, Daisy and Lily were trying to get in on it too, leaning against my back and putting their heads on my shoulder.

He's trying to figure out why Clarabelle is climbing on my lap and rubbing her face against my cheek.

He's waiting patiently for his playmate to finish her snuggle-time.

He can't resist!
If you've never snuggled a goat, you really should try it.  It is very relaxing.

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Rugratmommy said...

Your goats are all cuties, I can see why you enjoy snuggling them. :)