Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Kidding time, FINALLY!

When I took care of the goats early this morning, I didn't notice any obvious signs that Daisy might be going into labour.  More of the same pre-labour signs.  About 2 hours later, Campbell was playing soccer and came in yelling that Daisy was lying down in the barn.  As I grabbed my camera and some old towels, one of the kids screamed "There's a head!".  By the time I got there, the baby was out except for his legs.
Introducing Mickey, or "A boy named Sue".  Born on my mother's birthday, she got naming privileges.
Drying him off.
Bonding time.  Daisy did a fantastic job licking him (and anything that got near her tongue).


He was born 4 days before his "due date".  He seems healthy and strong and he feeds like a champ!  Now to find a good pet home for the little guy.

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