Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The boys got to school late again today. It is so hard to get them to school on time because every single one of us is feeling sick and every day it is a judgement call as to who is well enough to go. I just wish we had a week to stay home and get better.

Kira is feeling worse today. When she woke up her eyelids were crusted together, ewwww. There is an itchy rash on her cheeks and all over her torso. Her nose is running like crazy with that thick yellow snot, ewwww. She has diarrhea, ewwww. And she is teething. She is actually in a decent mood though.

She hasn't been nursing well. She has been biting me a lot, probably because she is congested and can't breathe when she is sucking, so she panics and clamps down.

I took her back to the doctor to recheck her ears and they are fine. Her throat and her breathing are okay too. We got eyedrops for her and the pharmacist suggested that I should give her Claritin to try to treat the allergic rash and the runny nose at the same time. I am only going to give her the Advil if her fever gets really high or if she is not able to sleep because of teething pain. She agreed with me that the rash is probably a result of all of the food dye that is in the medications she has taken recently (advil, dimetapp, antibiotic suspension).

I went to the visitation for my neighbour. It was sad. He was such a good family man and his family adored him right to the end. I learned that they had another daughter who died when she was 11 months old. The mother was at the end of her pregnancy with their third child (the oldest wasn't even 2 yet) and needed to rest, so her sister offered to take care of the kids. The baby fell out of her crib and broke her neck and died instantly. I went home and hugged Kira tighter and when she kicked and squirmed in my bed all night, I didn't for a moment wish that she was in her crib. I've never been comfortable leaving her in her crib to cry. She is a climber now, so I'm wondering if I will ever feel comfortable putting her in there again.

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