Thursday, December 02, 2004

I am up at this ungodly hour because Kira has woken up with croup again.

Last night the evil cat peed on the coat which Damon had left on the front hall floor. Of course I am thoroughly disgusted, but at the same time I am feeling righteous! "Damon, I TOLD you not to leave anything on the floor." Last week he peed on Campbell's school bag that he had left in the middle of front hall and since then all of the kids have been hanging their bags up. *evil cackle* 'Tis a mixed blessing. I'm sure that the puppy is going to teach them to clean up their toys! I know all the tricks to get cat pee out of anything. Ok, well ALMOST anything. Hockey gloves have proven to be a challenge and all I have managed to do with those is dilute the smell.

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