Saturday, December 11, 2004

The kids seem to be on the mend.

Patrick finished the first half of his hockey season last night with a win. Now the league divides the top half of the league and calls that AA and the bottom half is called A. Patrick's team was tied in the middle with 2 other teams, so we still don't know what will happen. The silver lining is that if they are A, then we don't have to travel as far and they have a really good chance of winning the whole thing! He has been shuffled around a little, he was defence, then forward for most of the season, and then defence for the last 3 games, but now he is coming along as a defenceman and is getting some really good coaching. He does miss being a part of "the rush" just a little, but that's okay, he can still score now and then.

We have been eagerly waiting for word from our breeder that the puppies have been born. The puppies were due on Thursday, so every time the phone rings, I jump now. I'm obsessed with shopping for puppy. This puppy is SOOO spoilt and he isn't even born yet.

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