Friday, March 04, 2005

Positive thinking (top 10 good things list)

1. It was amusing this morning as I was packing Patrick's lunch. Damon and Campbell hatched up a plan. They are going to use Damon's birthday money to buy a TV for their room. Oh, no, they are going to wait until after Campbell's birthday and use both of their money to buy a BIG SCREEN TV. Hey, Patrick, can the air hockey table go in your room? We are making room for a big screen TV. tee hee I told them that was a great idea as long as they cleaned their room first and then they would need to promise that they would sleep in their beds every night. This will NOT happen.

2. It is sunny today.

3. I managed to keep Puck from eating the bottle of Advil that I spilled on the floor.

4. Oxi-clean. The mould stains finally came out of Patrick's hockey jerseys after the third day of soaking in Oxi-clean.

5. I bought myself flowers for the table. Pretty pale yellow tulips with a ruffled edge.

6. I managed to get Patrick to school on time. Of course this came with a price, I let Damon stay home.

7. As we walked into the grocery store, Damon says "Hey, I haven't been grocery shopping in YEARS." DUH, there's a reason for that. LOL

8. Coke. Yep, I'm back on it. That sweet brown nectar. ahhhhhh. I know, I'll quit, but I might need to wait until my kids are 18. I felt so sick and tired without it. I also gained weight because I was always hungry. I never snack when I can have a can of coke instead.

9. Chocolate.

10. Online friends who "get it". :-D


Girl in Progress said...

#1 Sounds fabulous. Will give them all something new to do when they realise you have escaped.

#2 Please send some sunshine my way

#3 Good thing, cause you'll need them later lol

#4 That's awesome. I wonder if it will work for a 15 year old quilt?

#5 You go girl! I'm going to buy myself flowers now too. Only the cats will knock them over and over and over and spill water all over my table. But at least they give me beauty

#6 Damon, you beast. Glad Patrick got there on time, hope he has fun with the poetry

#7 LMAO Adri, too funny. I so kwym If I take my beasts, I'm looking for the closet exit lol

#8 Girl, I'd never give up my chai

#9 You know it, I've have 12 pieces today! Two more since we im'd lol The last wrapper said, have chocolate before bed to sweeten your dreams. What dreams? I think you have to sleep first lol

#10 I get ya, oh do I ever. Let's hang in there...we can make it. (can't we?)

Bridget said...

Tulips are my fav!!!

Kristen said...

Adri, darling, at least you can come up with ten! im sitting here stuck on number two.... ;)


At least you came up with 10. This week, not me. I hear ya about the coke - me too.... I'm back to drinking the pepsi as well. I'm stressed about work and I go grab a pepsi.

I get it fully hon! {{hugs}}