Monday, February 28, 2005

Just in case the bathtub full of glass wasn't enough

My children are so thoughtful. They like to keep my life interesting.

Matt got up early this morning to catch a flight to Ottawa. When he was getting ready, a picture fell off of the bathroom wall and smashed in the bathtub. He was in a rush, I was still in bed, so he told me about it and closed the bathroom door so that Kira didn't get to it before I did. So I knew that after I drove the boys to school and did my groceries I would need to do something about it. I get some bags and a box to put it in and walk into the bathroom. It smells like urine. I look down and there is pee everywhere. Pee on the floor, pee on the toilet, pee on the seat, pee on the wall, pee all over the step on garbage.

So I wiped and cleaned every surface in the bathroom, just to be sure. Not an easy task with a 13 month old and a puppy following me and getting into the toilet paper.

ahhh clean Posted by Hello

and safe for tonight's baths! Posted by Hello

The last people in there were Damon and Campbell, and I already know what they are going to say.

At least I haven't had time to notice how sick I feel until now. (throat hurts, dizzy head, watery eyes, nasty cough)

We are bracing for a storm here, so I am guessing that Matt isn't going to be able to fly home tonight.

Doesn't that make you feel a bit better about your Monday?


Girl in Progress said...

Oh my word need a hug, some chocolate, homemade soup, slippers, and a day in bed! Where is the damn super nanny?

Sorry hon, I know you can't let it sit like that, but I hope they get some major cleaning punishment later on. I can only imagine how over run you're starting to feel.

You get to clean up your husbands broken glass, sons pee-pee, while taking care of a dog and a baby AND sick. Maybe you need to come undone and flip out so they all start worrying that you will leave and start behaving. ;o)

The Mom said...

Oh notice that we can't keep toilet paper on the holder. We have to keep it hidden from Kira the destructor.

Kathy said...

LOL on the toilet paper. Yeah, I had toilet paper lovers here too. I don't know what to say about the pee everywhere, that on top of the glass in the tub woulda made me cry. The only good part about cleaning a bathroom is that it looks soooo awsome when it's done. (if only it lasted)


Darn kids! I'd say I'd trade ya, but my kids can be pretty destructive too if they wanted to be.... but then again, having girls is a bit easier (at least them compared to Noah is lol).

Girl in Progress said...

Yay, it didn't take 10 mins to comment.

The TP is not played with here, it's eaten, I swear. They must have the cleanest bottoms because I think we go through 3 rolls a day.

Beautiful bathroom adri, you have such good taste in the calming colors