Saturday, February 26, 2005

An extra toothy grin

Oh yeah, this morning Damon was telling me that he has his first loose tooth. I looked in there and *GASP* there are 2 rows of teeth there! His adult teeth are coming through behind his baby teeth. I feel like a negligent mom for not noticing earlier, but he didn't mention anything, and he brushes his teeth well on his own.

Kathy, that's an excellent suggestion, after I drop the boys off at the Hamilton Bulldog's game, I'm coming home, putting Kira to sleep and sucking back a bottle of red wine. Forget all the catching up on housework that I planned to do. :-D


Kathy said...

UGHHH I can't tell you how much teeth gross me out! I am soooo not looking forward to all of this. Did you tell him that he was now a shark? (many rows of teeth). Kudos to you on the wine. I'm having white tonight myself!!

Girl in Progress said...

I'm with you Kathy. Whenever they lose their teeth it makes my skin crawl.. lol Damon might think his shark teeths are cool though. So how many is he acutally getting behind his baby teeth?

I hope you do go back to the house and relax! Sounds great to me.


A glass (er bottle) of wine sounds like the trick! Enjoy and get some relaxation in - send those kiddos to bed early, forget housework until the next day!