Monday, February 21, 2005

Calgon take me away

I decided to leave Puck in his big crate when we went out shopping this morning. Big mistake. I came home to SHIT everywhere! No joke, EVERYWHERE. I walked in the front door and the smell hit me. UGH.

I still can't get that smell out of my head.

Kira has been miserable today. I'm wondering if she is coming down with something. Just when we were all healthy again. OF COURSE she is coming down with something.

The boys are all so tired tonight. They are constantly attacking each other. I let them have a snowball fight in the backyard in hopes that they would blow off some steam. Big mistake. Campbell ended up coming in screaming because Damon had found some cat poo on the snow (STRAY cat poo - ewwwwww), and used the shovel to whip it at his head.

Can somebody please tell Kira to STOP tearing things off of the bookshelves? She is always throwing the videos on the floor, but today she is ripping off photo albums, our art books and history books. ARGHHHHH. I tell her 'no', but apparently I'm funny when I say that. Puck is cowering under my chair, but Kira thinks it is hilarious.

Matt is in NYC this week. He was getting dropped off at the hotel and the bellhop came to help with the bags and shut the door and the cab immediately took off. Matt had set his envelope full of documents, including his plane ticket and his passport on the seat. The driver didn't see Matt trying to chase him down. The cab company says they don't know what they can do, but they will take his information down and call if they find it. On top of that the company forgot to send some of the stuff he needs to do this installation, so this won't be a fun week for him either.

I'm just waiting for the day to end.


Kathy said...

Our puck did that in his crate too, and the crate splattered it up on all the walls because the floor was metal. By the time we got home the sh** was flying - literally! I feel for you.

As for the rest, yes you need a bubble bath and a bottle of wine, not necessarily in that order. Hang in there!!

Girl in Progress said...

oh good Lord girl, you need that calgon man big time..and I was whining about my own bs going on..

I can't believe how gross that is..ewww. I think it's time to sit down with those kids and make a contract of some more hockey or else! Jake used to do that with books too..grrrrrrrr anything that was neatly put aside but we didn't have a puppy that likes to chew things.

I hope Matt gets all that stuff back soon. What a PITA. And what a bad time for him to have to leave. I swear spring can't come soon's like time is going by too fast, but at the same time, we're all ready for winter to end. I'm just hoping you don't go through the rounds of nasty colds again. ((((((((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))))))


What a day! My dogs are outside dogs - for a good reason! lol

Kids will be kids, what can I say - we have the occasional moments too! lol

What happened with Matt?