Thursday, February 17, 2005

real pain in the neck

Here we go again, Patrick has a new ailment, he has a sprained neck. It started Sunday night after no apparent injury. He stayed home on Monday so that I could take him to see the doctor. He was back at school and hockey on Tuesday, but that only aggravated things. Yesterday, the school called and asked me to pick him up because he couldn't concentrate through the pain. So I told them to send home tomorrow's homework while they are at it. I am considering taking him back to the doctor's today. Friday is a day off, so hopefully he can use this time to totally recover.

Matt's parents were planning to come up Friday and visit us, but his dad thinks he might be coming down with something. I have a back up plan now, DO NOTHING. Nothing at all. It is sad though, due to our weekend hockey schedule and his mom's cancer treatment schedule in January, we haven't seen them since Christmas. We were going to go out to dinner to celebrate Kira and Damon's birthdays!

Oh and I have to correct myself. I was shocked and dismayed to find that Patrick's team has to take part in a consolation round. Even the players aren't really excited about the sound of that. We still don't have the schedule for that. But in the meantime we carry on with practices 3 nights a week (down from our 6 day a week schedule), and the other 2 boys each plays an hour of hockey on Saturday AND Sunday. Until Super Saturday, March 29th. *sigh*


Sam said...

Oh Dear, Yes I would definitely take him to the Doc, mine came on suddenly like that too and I left it so long, my muscles were inflamed not just pulled.
Sad you not going to see the folks. Have a nice off weekend then. Hugs Sam

Girl in Progress said...

I remember how bad that felt, when I sprained my neck. I hope he's feeling better soon, and the dr finds out what exactly is wrong. Little guys are so active, it's easy to make it worse I am sure.

What exactly is a consolation game? I think I know what it is..but I'm asking just in case lol

Sorry you're gonna miss the folks, I know how things come up, even when it feels important to go, it just doesnt' always work in our favor.

Kristen said...

ugh! how the heck does one get a sprained neck!!! hope he's better soon.


I've had a sprained neck too (from sleeping wrong I guess) and I couldn't move very well. Try ibuprofen for inflammation and see if you can get a mild muscle relaxer for him. The combination should help ease the pain and the sprain and get him feeling better soon!