Monday, March 14, 2005

weekend photoblog.

Patrick had an away game.  It was a 2 hour drive, so the team rented a luxury bus for the players and parents.  We had a conflict, so Matt took him and I took the other 3 kids to the Hamilton Bulldogs game (AHL hockey), where Campbell's team was playing during the intermission.  Here he is getting some last minute coaching.
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He looks tiny in that big arena.  He's #6.
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And he found a friend in the team mascot.
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After he got off the ice he said, "That sucked.  We only got to play for a minute, that totally sucked."  ROFL Yes, I let my kids say "sucked" because let's be honest, some things do SUCK. Kira was a PITA during the game.  My mother came to help with her and Damon, who was not easy either.  Here she is in the van on the way home at almost 11pm.  Look at that wicked grin.

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Saturday was a really weird day as we were all really tired.  The kids didn't get to bed until almost midnight, but they were ALL up at 7 am.  UGH.  They were pretty good though and played nicely for most of the morning.  We actually got to hang out at our house.  It was really different, weird and nice. 
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Then in the afternoon it was off to hockey practices.

Today Damon had a game.  His team won, and he scored his first goal ever.  Then he got his first assist.  And then he got his first penalty.  LOL  What a game!  He was beaming.  Of course, we heard the replay of that goal until he fell asleep tonight at 11:30.  He's an awesome little player when he focuses, so let's hope this inspires him to focus more often.  He's very aggressive, and plays really well on defence, but this week he was playing center.

Then we were off to a birthday party for a friend.  And guess where it was?   LOL of course at a hockey rink.  They had a game of shinny, adults against kids, in one half of the arena and a fun skate in the other half.  Kira was even up on skates.  Only 14 months old, and she did awesome. 

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I wish I had brought a video camera, because she was hilarious kicking her feet all over thinking she would be able to skate like she sees her brothers doing.


Girl in Progress said...

your kids are amazing!!! and you're amazing parents for sacrificing so much time and money for them to enjoy their passion. I admit, I haven't put the kids in anything. It's just too much $$ and hassle.

Campbell looks like a doll! I was thinking, gosh he's so tiny out there. Then I see Kira..lmao Wtg to damon. Why did he get a penalty?

Sounds like a crazy, busy, weird weekend indeed, but it looks fun!


Sounds like my weekends but we've got softball and baseball right now. Great pics and WTG Kira trying to skate! lol

Peter said...

This is one of the best family blogs on the net!