Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hello Kitty, Dirty Kitty

Hello Kitty loves lacrosse! She came to Damon's lacrosse tournament last weekend, but the arena it was at was filthy! I'm so NOT going to blog a picture of the ass on my white capri pants!


Girl in Progress said...

awww, a loved hello kitty..tis always a good thing. That and shout stain remover.

White pants girl? What are you thinking...you are so brave. :o)

Like your changes btw..but I do miss the sweet faces on the banner. This new one is kewlio though!

Sam said...

You are mad to wear white pants LOL. Especially to a lacrosse game. What were you thinking LOL.
I am sure the dirt will come out though with a little tlc.


That'll teach you to wear white to those games lol.