Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The lacrosse finals ended in heartbreak

okay, not really. But Damon's team lost. Damon was awesome too. He got the ball of their players many times and he had 4 breakaways and shots on their net. It was SOOO close and they only lost by one goal that was scored in the last minute of the game. The final score was 7-8. The playoff games were all really exciting, the crowds get really excited and cheer for their teams. We were sitting with our friend who is the mother of the other team's goalie, so it was all friendly cheering. Damon was a little bit sad, but he was proud when all the coaches from both teams remarked on how he played and excellent game. Matt's parents even came to watch the game and then visited with us afterwards.

I would like to say that we are finished lacrosse for the year, but that wouldn't be true. We were back at the arena last night and again tonight for Select team practices.


Girl in Progress said...

what, no pictures? Well, I shall I'm disappointed, I like their sports pictures.. but I'll live.. lol

WTG for damon. It's hard to lose, but he played well and his coaches told him so. That is great!

Sam said...

Your boys are soo sporty its great.
Glad he got recognition for excellent play even if they didnt win.
Way to go Damon


He definitely didn't lose if he's gone in to the finals! I'm sure he's an awesome player as was noted in the coaches' comments after the game.