Monday, July 18, 2005

Now try teaching him to turn it off!

Puck learned a new trick this weekend. It's a pretty good trick for hot weather too.
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He started this because he was hot and thirsty in the backyard and I offered him the hose on a low stream.  He lapped it up.  Then whenever I tried to use the hose for anything, he was jumping up and trying to drink from the stream.  Then he came inside and saw the kids washing their hands and saw that there was a stream there.  Now he is hooked and can even turn on the cold water in the upstairs bathroom.  It's our fault for having lever handles.


Bridget said...

OMG that dog is huge!!! And so smart!!!

Kathy said...

that's great!! I can see him turning the water on and being so doggon proud of himself.

Girl in Progress said...

I agree, he's HUGE and only a bit over 6 months!!?

Our bassetts loved lapping sink water..only it was from the tub cause they were too short to do that.. LOL

Ash drinks from the sink too..but he sits in it until you turn it out..blech


Have you taught him to turn it off yet? lol Clever dog!

david (Mulan's dad) said...

Puck is soooooo cool! He must be such a character. Reminds me of one of my past gsp's Rudy. When he was about puck's age he carried his food bowl - full - upstairs from the basement and into the kitchen so he could eat with the rest of us. He did it 3 or 4 times, after that we just fed him in the kitchen while we had dinner.
Oh BTW, I'm jealous. I need more dog flesh in the house.

Sam said...

LOL that is soo cute. Clever Dog.
OUr dogs love drinking straight from the tap too, I think its much cooler than tepid bowl water.