Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I just battened down my hatches

I'm getting ready for Hurricane Katrina's remnants which are expected to hit tonight or tomorrow. Damon and Campbell are in a bit of a panic. I give them honest answers about what could happen, but probably won't. I tell them that I am sure we will be okay, but that we need to make sure that nothing in our yard can hit our house and damage it. It's a learning experience for them.

Since I live in Ontario, Canada, we aren't often affected by hurricanes. The last time a big hurricane passed by us, it was Hurricane Opal which had been downgraded by then. I was pregnant with Patrick and a tree fell on Patrick's nursery! It didn't do a lot of damage, only about $3,000 to the eavestrough and the balcony above. Now the house is a lot more finished, including a brand new roof, so I really hope nothing gets damaged this time.

My heart and prayers go out to those who were hit by this hurricane. The damage and devastation is awful. Images of looting sickened me. I'm hoping for some more touching rescue photos to help me regain my faith in humanity.

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Katrina won't affect you that badly will it? The storm increased again? or have the winds been staying strong even though it was downgraded? In any case, I hope you sustain and don't get any damages!