Thursday, September 01, 2005

bathroom blog begins - the before pics

Our downstairs bathroom, which is off of the kitchen, was probably the ugliest room in the whole house when we moved in.  And that says a lot, because there was a whole lot of ugly going on.  It was pink, which doesn't bother me in itself, but with only a very small shaded window and really tacky brass lighting and an egyptian themed border it was awful.  The "wood-like" vanity with the "faux marble" (read as ugly greenish plastic) was even wobbly.  The toilet, was so badly stained when we moved in and to top it off, it is a two-flush toilet.  It is true that it is amazing what a little paint can do, especially when it's a smooth buttery yellow, but after 11 years of waiting, this bathroom has earned a real renovation.  SOOOOO, without further ado, here's my bathroom: 
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Notice the temporary drywall panel.  There used to be a clever door into the dining room.  Clever dieting trick I'm thinking.  Do I need to explain?  Anyway we finished the dining room side, but left this side unfinished so that we could put the new plumbing in behind it.

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Notice the strategic placement of the sink, in FRONT of the door.

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Not the prettiest vanity, but I am shocked at how much better this looked after 15 coats of white oil-based paint.

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See my microshower?  I think it's about 13 inches wide and 13 inches deep.  When we first moved into this house, this was our only bathroom.  I have fond memories of being very pregnant with Patrick and trying to shave my legs in there.  I ran a serious risk of being wedged if I moved the wrong way.  I even bathed 2 large dogs in there.  (2 of them at once, since George could not let Maddie have the pleasure of a private shower)  Imagine, all 3 of us in there, and me pregnant!   Ah the memories.

Now for the good stuff... 

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Slate tiles, held up against the lovely peel-n-stick tiles that have been there since we bought the house.  The previous owners were kind enough to leave 1/2 of a box of replacement tiles in the basement.  I'm umm pleased to say we never had to use them.   As much as I hate those tiles (which once blessed the front hall and the kitchen!!!ACK!!!!!)  I do have to give them credit for holding up for so long!  See how fair I am?


Sam said...

Wow nice and nuetral, looks great. I never did get why people do shocking colours in bathrooms what is with that.

Girl in Progress said...

looks good but i know it will look even better with your decorating abilities. But girl, I feel for less bathroom with 4 kids is so like torture.


pink in the bathroom with egyptian like trim - interesting combo! We get the pleasure of redoing our bathrooms to - of course we wanted to do it, but not until next year and thanks to a busted pipe, we get to do it now! lol