Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I'm trying to do a cross country update, but I can't focus on uploading pics.

I am waiting for the nurse to get here to take blood for a FASTING bloodtest for our new life insurance policy. I said FASTING! It was a last minute appointment and when I called her we hadn't eaten yet, just snacked at the meet. So she said no food until after she took our blood. NO FOOD and we hadn't even had lunch. I'm not doing so good with that.

Test me kids, I DARE you!

Oh yeah and my husband bought me a new minivan. A Ford Freestar Limited. Leather interior, dvd package, and so on. Fully loaded. I get it on Friday. Cool, but kind of weird. We're standing at the meet and he says, "oh yeah I want to go visit Coach Kevin at the Ford dealership after the meet." He called me to ask if it was okay to buy it. I told him I don't really care, as long as it has 4 wheels, 7 seats, gets me there all the time and I don't have to hear whining about how much the payments are. I'll be grateful by the time we pick it up.


Jody said...

7 seats means there is room for one more Fair! hahahaha
congrats on the new van.....I can't wait to see a picture of it!

Sam said...

Aww you are so lucky, I would love a mini van with 7 seats. I have a 5 seater MPV Renault sCenic, its spacious, but going to be a push with the third.