Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Today is Patrick and Damon's semi-annual cross country meet. I'm excited for them, but a bit nervous.

Last year, Patrick finished second in the fall and first in the spring (despite being up all the night before with stomach flu), so he has a certain expectation of himself. But this year he moves up to the next age category where he will race against boys a year older than him (and since he was born in November, some of the boys will be almost 2 years older than him). He is smart enough to know that if he doesn't do as well it isn't anything to be ashamed of, but he i still driven to try to win.

Damon came in 164th and then 31st, so this guy is moving up in the ranks as he gets more focused. This year he will be one of the oldest kids running. Last fall he had no clue what he was there for. He was more interested in the sights along the race route. In the spring, he was much more competitive and he was so proud of Patrick after his win that now he wants to be like Patrick.

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