Friday, December 23, 2005


We are busy busy busy these days. We are finding it especially challenging to get all the shopping done in time. The kids didn't give us many suggestions this year so they have been hard to shop for.

Patrick's hockey team played a great game tonight and even though they lost, they weren't outplayed. They could easily beat this team next time. And Patrick played very well and even the one goal that was scored on his line he had played properly (forced the shot, didn't block the goalie's view).

However, during the third period, he started having problems with his vision. We aren't sure why, it could have been the elbow to his head during the second period, or it could have been sweat in his eyes. Either way, he went to check a guy into the boards and missed him buy a lot and hit the boards and hit his head. He skated away though and played another shift after that. After the game, his coach talked to Matt. Patrick's eyes were red, he was crying and had a headache. He said he had trouble seeing colours, but I think that he means that he is over-sensitive to light. On the way home we tried to assess him and all he kept saying was, "Can't I just go home and lie down? That's all I want to do." He showered and got into some comfortable clothes. He had no problems answering my stupid questions ("what is today?" "who are you?" etc) but his headache was not getting better and he was very sleepy, so we decided to take him to the hospital. Matt took him and I am sitting here waiting for him to call.

If it does turn out to be a concussion, this would be his first sport-related injury. So far he has been very lucky.


Girl in Progress said...

Wow, poor guy.. how long does he have to sit out now?

Beth said...

how flippen scary. is this a braggable thing?