Monday, December 05, 2005

My Big Boy is 10!

Patrick's birthday was on a Thursday this year.  So I picked up Patrick, his friend and Damon up from school and took 5 kids to the diner up the street from the school.  It was nice.  Then that night Patrick had a hockey practice, so I ordered pizzas for the hockey team.  The parents needed to have a meeting that night anyhow so the kids (including siblings) all ate pizza in the hallway with under the supervision of the coach.  They had a blast and I heard vague reports of a pepperoni fight.  Patrick didn't want to share his cake with his teammates, he wisely chose to have it at home with his brothers and sister. 
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Last weekend we had a family party and celebrated my niece and nephew's birthdays along with Patrick's.  Here he is waiting to blow out his candles.

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He really is a great kid.  He's a hard worker in school and sport.  And he is so kind and thoughtful.  I'm so proud of him.  Patrick, I hope your birthday was a happy one.

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Beth said...

Awww, awww, AWWWW! He is such a great kid, Adri. A very impressive human being. Great job, girlfriend. And pizza for the whole team? You ROCK!