Tuesday, December 06, 2005

When I GROW up (and up and up)

My local paper recommended this growth prediction program ---->here. They rely on extensive research to tell you how tall your child will grow to. It considers that some children are early bloomers and accounts for this. And if you are American, you can convert to inches here.

I'm guessing this is much more accurate than most growth predictor which say that my 4'10" 10 year old, Patrick will be 6'6". Sorry Patrick, but with a mom who's 5'7" and a dad who's 5'11", I think NOT! Besides, I was my full height by the time I was 11 and Matt was his full height at 13. It says he will be about 6'1". I really wanted to try a prediction for little Campbell, but I got an error message saying that the child needed to be at least 7 years old.

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