Monday, February 20, 2006

a glitch in my system

Being sick and being a mom don't mix.

I was feeling really nauseous on Friday afternoon, and could feel something worse coming on, so I pushed ahead to try to FINALLY get Damon's birthday planned and invitations sent. I think the oncoming headache and nausea was creating an additional sense of urgency, but apparently not an urge to pay attention to details. Damon wanted to take his friends to an AHL hockey game. It has been a month since his birthday, but we have had conflicts between the AHL schedule and Patrick's schedule. But Patrick has a relatively light schedule over the next week, I was trying to take advantage of that and emailed the team to book a birthday party for next Friday night. I printed up my own "tickets" that actually looked quite real and handed them out to the chosen guests at the end of the school day. All I had to do was go to the ticket booth to pay for the package and pick up our tickets. Great, right?

I got an email this morning from the nice lady from the hockey team telling me "That wouldn't be a problem, except, the 24th is an away game. We do not play at home again until March 10th. If this date would be alright for you, please let me know." So now I'm going around frantically trying UNINVITE people and trying to convince Damon that a July birthday party would be a GREAT thing.

Patrick's team was eliminated from the playdowns in a sweep (eliminating the need for games #5-7) and now they are waiting to see who wins a series. That meant that the game times they had previously scheduled would become practice times. The team manager emailed the parents to say this was her assumption until further notice. Well she emailed all the parents later giving them a list of this week's ice times. I quickly scanned the list of 5 practices and noticed that they now had a Friday practice and wrote it down on our calendar. What I didn't notice was that the time and location of the Monday practice had changed. It is totally my fault, but sometimes when the manager puts out a new schedule with any changes, the changes are highlighted with asterisks. This time there was nothing jumping out at me. So tonight when Matt and Patrick were getting ready to go to practice, Matt asked Patrick where and when the practice was, he told him the original time which was on our calendar and the calendar that the manager prints out for us each month. Obviously neither of them looked at the email that I had read over. Matt called me from the original arena and asked me to check the schedule. Well the computer was closest, so I just opened the email and there it was, the practice was about a 15 minute drive away and it was already underway.

Now, I'm waiting for them to come home so they can tease me.


Kathy said...

Oh yeah. I've had days like that. Thank goodness someone pointed out the away game thing before the actual night!! What if no one looked!! That would have been awful. Hang in there, things can't get worse . . . . right?

yseultautumnfiredancer said...

Oh no! July birthdays can be fun - think of the cool summer stuff you can do that you can't do in the snow! Um, swimming? lol

Maybe March 10 won't be so bad a date?

And I've screwed up many a practice too. It happens! Hang in there and get well soon.