Friday, February 17, 2006

Under the weather

Well it turns out that the calamari was fine, that Damon really had a stomach virus. Matt came home on Valentine's day and tossed me my card and chocolates as he ran upstairs to be sick. He spent the whole night in his bed and even contemplated staying home from work the next morning. He dragged his sick-self in late, but only because he didn't want to ruin his perfect attendance record. No sooner had his truck pulled out of the driveway, than Kira started vomiting. When I was getting the boys ready, I started to feel woozy too. So we took the boys to school and came home and slept it off.

Yesterday morning we awoke to an ice storm and all of the schools were closed. By the time school would have started it had all melted and turned to rain. But the boys enjoyed their day off of school. This morning, the weather was bad again with blowing snow and terrible winds. The front window of the local Canadian Tire store even blew right onto a major street. But the schools were open.

So this morning it came as no surprise when Patrick started feeling sick. Kira is better now, but I'm still feeling sluggish.

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yseultautumnfiredancer said...

Hope you all start feeling better soon. And I'll stop grumbling about the 50F weather here - it's cake compared to ice storms!