Saturday, May 27, 2006

Birdy babies

Kathy welcomed a new neighbour, which reminded me of 4 years ago when we had neighbours living in our arbour. Yep that's them up on my blog header.
Here they are a couple of weeks later. 4 healthy baby robins. We watched their mom and dad take good care of them and we helped them ward off the wicked squirrels and starlings when we could. One day we got to see them all climb out of their nest one by one and get their flying lessons. There's the last one in the photo below, waiting for his turn to fly. We tried to help by 'shooing' away the cats for them. It was very interesting for our family to witness the whole process.

I hope that Kathy and her family get to have just as much fun watching their bird family grow up.


Kathy said...

Oh those are such wonderful pictures! The baby bird that we are watching lives in the neighbors fern. I hope my children get the chance to see flying lessons, thanks for sharing the pics.

Belinda said...

Awww I'm enjoying these photos you girls have. Unfortunately I can't get high enough in trees to see any nests, and I don't think I ever will since we have a cat :(

Girl in Progress said...

Very nice pictures.. I remember when we nursed a baby duck back to health for a day..the kids loved that.. and then there was the bird that walked around with Mooch for most of the day at the state fair a few years ago..

But nothing like this..