Sunday, November 05, 2006

Here we are walking down the road for a visit to Valerie and Dan's place.

Kira is racing with her brothers down the hill.

Some of the kids enjoying wild raspberries along the way.

Damon is watching the pointers play. Puck was so happy to find a dog who wanted to play like he does. On the way home he didn't even notice the pheasant that walked right across the road in front of us!


Beth said...

looks like you all had a perfect & idyllic weekend. Now go into labour already!!!

Sam said...

Hey Girl I posted on the other Ob visit one and it didnt show.
I was sending you some labour vibes but you know how quickly these things change, one minute you are soo not ready and the next thing your in full throes. Hang in there, hope your appointment is fruitful LOL. GReat pics by the way

Anonymous said...

Praying that the BPP goes smoothly today!! Awesome pics!!!
Will our babe's share a birthday?!?!?LOL Although I can't complain at ALL, I'm not overdue, just a week away!! ((((HUGS))))
and belly rubs and ~*~*~labour vibes~*~*~*
Take care and God bless!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day!