Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kira Hair

We were getting ready to go to the hockey rink for a couple of the boys games. I was brushing Kira's hair and putting it into a ponytail.

Kira: "I don't like that, I want it to be Kira hair."
Mom: "What is Kira hair? Does that mean you want it down and curly?"
Kira: "Yes."
Mom: "Okay, but I still need to brush it, right?"
Kira: "No! Kira hair is MESSY hair."


Melissa said...

lol..she's such a cutie

Kathy said...

I can just see it!! So cute!

Just Me said...

In that case, Jordan goes to school with Kira hair too - down and unbrushed = messy! lol. Will Kira share? ;-)