Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter finally arrived!

I woke extra early today to watch our local news and it's "stormwatch" coverage. By 7 am, bus service for our schoolboard was cancelled, and since I consider myself to be driving a bus, I went back to sleep, thinking I would drive the kids in later once the road crews had a chance to clean up the roads. Patrick woke up at 8 am and turned the news back on. By then the school board had decided to close all schools. YAY! I forbid him from waking everybody up, but by 8:30 they were all awake.
Ice is covering everything, I'm glad we didn't have to drive in this at 8:30 am.

The kids were finally able to build a snowman with what little snow we got on Sunday. Kira calls it a "Snow Kira". Her contribution is the "hair" on the top of the Snow Kira's head. Every good Snow Kira has to have "Kira hair"


Beth said...

Wow, lucky you! We're drowning in fog. WTF??? I hope we get a real winter at some point. LOVE the Snow Kira. Toooooo cute!!!

Bridget said...

I was wishing for school closings today. Nope it didn't freeze or rain like it was suppose to so no ice. It is 32* though. Brrrrr

Melissa said...

What a nasty mess. So far we've had polite snowstorms.

Silly snowman.

Just Me said...

Ah keep the ice, the snow and the cold. I know to some 40 isn't cold, but for me here in SUNNY WARM SoCAL it is! lol Glad you enjoyed your snow day!