Monday, February 05, 2007

A conversation with Grandpa

Dear Grandpa Bob,

Kira really enjoyed your visit yesterday.

Do you remember the other day when Kira put Hanna on the phone to talk to you? Well here she is listening to your voice.

We also thought you would like to see Hanna moments later when Kira took the phone away from her.

So even though she may not add much to the conversation, we know that you would want to know that Hanna really does enjoy "talking" to you.


Kira, Hanna and their Mom


Kathy said...

Oh that is so cute, she was so sad to have that phone taken away!

Bob said...

What a touching story accompanying the photos. It brought a tear to grandpa's eyes.Thanks

Katesmum said...

LOL! too cute

Jenni said...

Now that is just too cute.