Saturday, February 24, 2007

Patrick's Playoff game #1

Good-guys 2
Mean-kids* 0

Patrick's team won their first playoff game! The energy level was really low, and our kids looked tired, but I guess the other team's kids were more tired. One of our players was hit from behind, breaking his collarbone. A penalty was called and the other player was ejected from the game and given a one game suspension. So now, this boy on our team, who has practiced 5 days a week since last August for this moment, is going to miss the rest of the playoffs and the tryouts for next season.

Game 2 just started, I'm waiting for the outcome.

* The kind of kids who don't apologize to six year-olds, even when they accidentally hit them in the eye with their sticks while walking through the hall to leave the arena.


Melanie said...

A broken collarbone? Yikes! Glad you beat the meanies.

Beth said...

OMG!!! Only a 1 game suspension? Not harsh enough, imo. A broken collarbone - that's just awful. I'm glad you beat the meanies, too.