Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Over a month ago, Wicket was killed on the road in front of our house. It was horrible as he was very important member of our homestead. He was very loved and he knew it. And he was still a very good hunter and we all knew it. It happened when Matt and the 2 oldest boys were away. The 4 youngest kids and I buried him at the back of our property next to a lilac and a young willow. The children and I stood around and retold our favourite memory of Wicket. Then we walked back to the patio and the girls wanted to draw Wicket, so I remembered that I had canvases and I encouraged them to paint a picture of Wicket or a memory of Wicket. This is what they painted:




Damon selected a stone to mark Wicket's grave.

We have wonderful memories of our short time with Wicket, but we still miss him terribly.

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Nova_Heart said...

Beautiful Adri, simply beautiful! What a beautiful way for the family to remember their treasured Wicket... Not only with the kids have their memories, but they will also have their art to treasure as they get older!
Well done mom ;)