Thursday, March 22, 2012

Messy house

Hanna had a rough morning and missed the school bus.  Eventually she put her smile on and Griffin and I took her to school.  Since we were in town we decided to go to the garden centre and pick up some strawberry seedlings, a flat of pansies and a huge bag of dirt.  It was a beautiful day and the drive back to our house was beautiful.  I could see daffodils starting to bloom in some ditches and the green shoots of daylilies were starting underneath everybody's mailboxes.  My chatterbox kept going in the back seat.

Griffin:  Mommy, are all the kids at school now?
Me: Yes.
Griffin: You mean Hanna, and Patrick, and Damon and Campbell and Bubba?
Me: Yes, all of them.
Griffin: My house going to be empty? I don't like my house to be empty.  I like a messy house.
Me: Messy?  You like a messy house?
Griffin:  No, no, not MESSY.  Messy with PEOPLE.

I couldn't do anything but grin the rest of the way home.

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Jenny said...

Oh, that is so sweet! I guess I like a messy house, too! :)