Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Driving downhill fast

Hanna came down with a cold yesterday.  It was just your usual snotty nose, an occasional cough and some awesome green eye discharge.  Nothing a box of tissue couldn't take care of.  And when it came time for soccer photos and a game, she was eager to go.  This morning she woke up and she seemed to be feeling good despite the discharge and cough, so I let her decide.  She said she was too sick to go to school.

The van had DriveClean Test appointment in town, so I decontaminated tidied it up a bit.  We left early so that we would have enough time to stop at a gas station vacuum machine and decontaminate clean it a bit more for the service guys.  We drove about 8 minutes down the road when I heard screams and cries from Hanna.  I glanced back to see blood, everywhere.  It was coming from her nose, not unusual for her when she has a cold, especially if it is hot and humid.  And Hanna, having a flare for the dramatic, was panicking.  The blood and the screams was not stopping, and she was quickly soaking through a whole box of tissue, so I turned around and went home to get supplies.  I packed 3 clean outfits, an extra box of tissues and a box of wipes and off we went.  No time for vacuuming though.  We got about 8 minutes down the road, with about 8 more minutes ahead of us, and just as her nosebleed seemed to stop she started doubling over in pain from her stomach.  I had visions of her projectile vomitting all over the interior of my van which was now running late for an appointment.

We got to the garage, signed in, and then Hanna was headed for their washroom.  It was not pretty!  But I was grateful that we made it out of the van first.  Then we waited in the waiting room and she moaned and groaned and sobbed and wailed and climbed all over me.  In the meantime, Griffin made the rounds showing all of the elderly clients his Tonka watch that he found while we were cleaning out the van.

Luckily the van passed with flying colours.   But any hope I had of completing my vehicle registration renewal, shopping for a salt grinder or new throw pillows, or grabbing a few groceries flew out the window.  I even asked her if we should stop and pick up popsicles and ginger ale.  Griffin was devastated when she said "No, I need to get home NOW. Waaaahh."  Hanna wailed and groaned the whole way home and right upstairs and into my bed.  She is now a very sick little girl with a fever, a bad cough, and an upset stomach.

So we are laying low in my bedroom, as the chickens and the garden beckon outside my window.

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