Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Well, Miss New Teacher went to bat for us. I need to give her credit. She went back to Ms. Resource Teacher and explained that Patrick had already had a full medical work up because of my concerns about his repeated illnesses, and has in the past had lots of tests done to monitor his kidney condition. Ms. Resource Teacher's response was, "well that's the best we can do". So Miss New Teacher tells me there is nothing to worry about. I thanked her, but let her know that I was insulted that Ms. Resource Teacher's attitude towards me. I said that I understand that her concern would be warranted if she didn't know the parents and was worried that the child may be slipping through the cracks medically, but *I* am insulted that she didn't trust that I would get my children proper medical attention. I also let her know that I have done my homework on how many hours of french instruction time he needs and that there is no policy on legitimate absences during that time. I thanked her for her time and effort in clearing this up for us. I'm sure Miss New Teacher is not going to say anything to Ms. Resource Teacher about that, but hopefully this will help her in the future when Ms. Resource Teacher tries to bulldoze her again. Miss New Teacher is new, and doesn't know when to trust her own judgement yet. *sigh* So I'm going to walk away from this, but I've already spread my seed. heee hee I got to go for tea with a bunch of mothers from the school, one of them even works at the school as a lunchtime superviser. When I told my story, I heard another horror story about Ms. Resource Teacher (AKA the ice queen) from her. And they all had negative things to say about the teacher and the games she plays. So I feel supported by my fellow parents anyway. Thanks for all the words of encouragement from you ladies. Only 96 school days until summer vacation.


Kathy said...

The whole story has me in SHOCK. Ughh Adri, I'm not ready for all of this (problems with teachers and all). At least you had a bit of a victory at the end of this one.


What a bitch that Ms. Resource Teacher seems to be. If there are so many negatives surrounding her, why hasn't something been done? I suppose you'll just hold your Ace until the time is appropriate (that barely lack of instruction for french immersion funding thing).