Monday, August 15, 2005

A Pain in the Ear

Dr. Mom has diagnosed both Patrick and Damon with Swimmer's Ear (Otitis Externa). It is strange because I hadn't heard much about swimmer's ear until about 10 days ago when Patrick's buddy had it. His mom figured he got it from swimming in gross lake water when they were campting. A few days ago, Patrick started complaining that his ear ached from time to time. Then yesterday, Patrick and now Damon started WAILING about their ears. Only having had experience with inner ear infections, I was figuring they would both end up with fevers, but so far nothing. They have pain when you touch them anywhere near the affected ear and they do swim every single day. Either in our little pool or at friends' pools. I think it is strange that even though it isn't contagious, both of them got it at the same time and shortly after Patrick's friend. So I guess we are headed to the doctor's office tomorrow to get some antibiotic drops. That will not be fun, but I'll just be thankful that only 1/2 of the kids were affected.

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Sam said...

Ouch hope it clears up quickly. Can it be prevented by wearing ear plugs?????? Yes very weird they both got it the same time.