Monday, August 15, 2005

Trying my patience, and trying their patients

After another night of WAILING children, I started calling the doctor's office at 9:30, which is when they supposedly start to answer the phones. Busy. I wait 5 minutes, busy. I've been calling every 5 or 10 minutes for the past hour and 40 minutes and it has been flipping busy every time.

I like our doctor, I've been going to her for 12 years and she has been the only doctor my kids have known. But here I am with two kids in pain and I can't even get a freaking appointment. This is unnacceptable. I'm going to try for another 15 minutes and then I'm packing up my 4 kids and going there anyway. UGH. If they can't see me then I'll have to look for another family doctor.


Girl in Progress said...

Dang hon, I didn't see an email..what happened? Are they sick in pain..or something else?


We are lucky if we can get appts within 30 days. Nevermind if we are CURRENTLY sick, we have to wait until an appt time sometime 30 days out when we will probably be WELL and won't need the appt!